Remodel sites can provide some unique challenges. From street access to homeowners living on site to different materials coming off your job; we have probably seen something close to your situation. We have done everything from 5th floor demo removal in a downtown building to run of the mill bathroom remodels. No matter what your situation is, we can help work through your challenges.

Other examples of our work:

  • Tenant Improvement, St Vincents Hospital. 5th Floor. Need to be out before 0700.
  • Deck tear out  in NW Portland, tiny street, add snow and ice
  • Aurora… add a level, lots of room, 5 truck loads
  • 2nd & Pine Street Downtown Portland, Christmas time, 4th & 5th floor demo, no work during office hours, access is through a tiny elevator then out the front lobby.  Must be clean by 0800