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Trade Contractor of the Year

Clean it up Mark! was recently selected Trade Contractor of the Year by the Homebuilders Assoc of Metro Portland. Mark’s leadership in greening up HBAMP events through cycling and recycling show waste was a deciding factor in the award. Mark has put cycling related events together for the Tour of Remodeled Homes, The Ultimate open House and the NW Natural Street of Dreams. Mark also facilitated (and sponsored) recycling of the NW Natural Street of Dreams show waste. And in a first the food waste was recycled at the Midsummer Nights Dream charity event. This is a kickoff to the NW Natural Street of Dreams. This was the largest show event to recycle food waste in the area. Our thanks to Allied Waste for helping with the logistics and support.

Boy Scout Christmas Tree Recycling 2011

Our 17th year helping Boy Scouts recycle Christmas trees. This year our Troop 35 in Tualatin teamed up again with Troop 530 (also in Tualatin) to recycle very close to 1000 trees. We do this over 2 weekends…and a couple days. Mark is the organizer for Troop 35. We also donate all of our trucks to the Trooops. This gets things done fairly quickly and efficiently. I estimate that Clean it up Mark! has helped raise over $175,000 dolars since we have been helping the Boy Scouts.

                            During tree season Mark will occasionally see trees at the curbside. All three of these trees fit into the Volvo!

Street of Dreams & Midsummer Night Dream 2010

For the 2010 Street of Dreams Mark sponsored the recycling of the show waste. This includes for the first time ever recycling of the food waste at the Midsummer Night dream. (the black tie charity kick off event) Pictures show Mark cleaning out the food waste bin before use, the first piece of food waste, Mark’s family pitched in to help and the glass recycled from the evening. NW Natural catered the event. One interesting note is that they used banana peel plates and compostable serving ware to serve the guests.

April 24, 2010

It’s been a busy 3 or 4 months. Starting in December/January with Christmas Tree recycling again. This year our Troop 35 teamed up with Troop 530 to recycle all of the Tualatin, OR community. This was a great event. Benefiting the community and the Scouts. Our Troops together collected over 900 trees over 2 weekends. The Tualatin community was very generous.

In March Mark sponsored a giveaway of a Showers Pass cycling jacket. Folks that rode bikes to the Portland Homebuilders Tour of Remodeled homes entered a drawing. It was a very nice jacket. Some cyclists say Showers Pass is the best cycling jacket for the Pacific Northwest on again off again weather.

Then in April Mark participated in the Salem Homebuilders Trade Show evening. It was a fun evening at the Salem Conference Center. Probably over 200 folks in attendance.

And another cycling giveaway for the Portland Homebuilders Ultimate Open House. This time a Merino wool jersey, a Timuk2 messenger bag or a dozen cookies delivered by bike. I made it to about 10 sites of the 71 sites in total.

And finally on April 22 & 23 Mark was an exhibitor at the Ecovative conference in Portland. This was a 2 day conference on all things Green Building. This was a chance to get CCB continuing education credits.

Of course I saw several of the Builders we work with. At least one that I have talked to on the phone for years but never in person. (I didn’t recognize him!) One of the superintendents we work with won a drawing for a dozen work gloves. Jerry Yuddelson was the keynote speaker.

I was interested in a couple of sessions on Net Zero energy homes. It was very interesting to learn how close we are to producing as much energy as we consume on the homes we live in. (hint: it’s not that far off) I also learned about reducing cycle times in construction and LEED homes.

Jan 20, 2010

The web doesn’t forget anything. Here is a story on us from 1993!

September 2009

Mark put together an event at the Homebuilders Portland signature event. The Street of Dreams. The event included cycling related vendors, bicycle tune ups, demonstrations by a 3 time world champion and a cycle race by HBAMP notables. See page 5 for two stories.

March 19, 2009

As the collapse in construction continues Clean it up Mark! sent 5 trucks to auction at Ritchie Bros.

Mark has used Ritchie Bros for the last several years to sell surplus equipment at good prices. Ritchie Bros has worldwide auctions. We used the auction yard in Olympia, WA. By selling surplus equipment we make our fleet younger (and better looking). As we go forward we will be looking at options for Alternative fuel vehicles such as Hybrid and Natural Gas fueled trucks.

The picture below is our trucks checking into Ritchie Bros. in Olympia.

Jan 10, 2009

Clean it up Mark! donated trucks for Boy Scouts in Tualatin to use in picking up Christmas trees for recycling and fundraising. This is the 15th year Clean it up Mark! has helped Scouts raise money for summer camp and other activities. The total raised in that time is over $100,000.