What Does it cost for new construction?

Single Family can be quoted on a per square foot basis. There is a wide range here depending on services provided and services required. Generally 40-50 cents/SF covers most projects. Over 5000 SF generally is higher. A 2000 SF home with normal access would run in the range of $800 to $1000.

How much for my bathroom tear out?

Remodels are all done T&M. Since a bathroom tear out could be a demo down to the studs or it could be just a tub removal there is no accurate way to quote SF prices. Our trucks are mostly 20 cubic yards. A full load of wood is generally about $225. A full load of trash is generally $300. Heavy items (like sheetrock or gravel)could skew this upward dramatically. Lighter items like painters paper could skew this range downward dramatically.

Do you charge travel time or overtime charges?

When we do T&M we charge one way travel. From your site to the MRF and a few minutes inside while we dump. We have never charged overtime charges.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum is $76. This cover about 45 minutes on site and about $30 in tip fees.

What is an MRF?

A MRF stands for Material Recovery Facility. We deliver our site waste to a MRF. The facility loads the waste onto a belt where all the recyclables are sorted and stored for resale. There are a number of MRFs in the Portland metro area. Some are open to the general public and some are only for company use.

How does your fleet size help me?

We have 9 trucks in our fleet. All trucks are equipped with electric tarps for safety. Our fleet size allows us to ramp up service quickly to meet your site requirements. Truck breakdowns are a part of owning rolling stock. We can quickly slip another truck into the rotation if a truck goes down. Another service with only one or two trucks is out of business until repairs are made or parts arrive from across the country or across the world.

Can you pick up Hazardous materials?

We are not licensed to pick up hazardous materials. This would include asbestos, paint, gas or oil and garden chemicals. I would be happy to help you dispose of these items safely and in an environmentally safe way.Check with us if you have any questions.

Can you come over and pick up my household trash?

We leave household trash to your local garbage hauler. They are set up for those items.