Serving the construction industry in Portland and Salem Oregon. We provide debris removal & recycling for General Contractors, Remodelers and Commercial Contractors.

Our Competitive Advantage

Clean it up Mark! has the men, equipment and proven experience to handle bathroom remodels to multiple hundred condo projects. Mark is through our projects weekly looking for potential problems and talking with supervisers. This allows us to adjust to the pace of construction. No other service can make this statement.


Recycling has been the backbone of our company since 1990. All of our Portland & Salem Metro waste is processed for recyclables. This means your construction project can meet any outside certification from Earth Advantage to LEED requirements. Our recycle rate is typically in the mid 80% range.

Marketing Advantage

Clean job sites and 85% recycle rate are the primary advantage of using Clean it up Mark!
Buyers form good or bad impressions based on how clean your site is maintained. We can provide that positive glow for your home.

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